TOUCH FROM THE HEART - your body is a temple in which your experience is sacred
book a ZOOM, SKYPE or PHONE session!

If you prefer a remote/virtual session, I can offer guidance/coaching via ZOOM, SKYPE or PHONE in the comfort of your home from any part of the world!
Just contact me via e-mail or phone and let's set up an appointment to talk about anything in connection with sexual intimacy, relationships and personal growth.

Zoom/Skype sessions are a wonderful relaxed and efficient way to receive guidance with any concerns or issues around sexuality...
Given the fact that an issue with regards to sexuality can be quite delicate in nature and (depending on upbringing and culture) can be loaded with guilt or shame - it often can be very difficult to address these freely - 
I'm here for you to bring ease into this communication and I will help you gain clarity and discover solutions!

In me you will find a compassionate and knowledgeable partner to talk to about such issues and you will receive the necessary guidance and coaching you desire and deserve!
This can ultimately provide you with a true sense of liberation which will enhance the quality of your life.

To book a session via ZOOM - SKYPE or PHONE contact me and pay through PayPal - 
the discounted special rate for now is $175/hour.

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