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Currently ZOOM classes through UNPLUG MEDITATION

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The Quantum Light Breath is a breathing meditation process that accelerates personal transformation by releasing withheld feelings and revealing unconscious programs. It is designed to take participants into an expanded state of consciousness and ultimately into blissful embodiment. Here, Universal Love is experienced as a natural reality, not as an unreachable concept, where there is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence....

The QLB meditation was created by the late mystic Jeru Kabbal (1930-2000). He was greatly influenced by Vipassana, an ancient form of meditation where one sits in stillness and silence for extended periods of time. Jeru realized that when elements of Vipassana were combined with deep rhythmic and consciously connected breath, it could bring a participant into the recognition of Oneness without having to sit still in silence for hours a day. Jeru used verbal and energetic guidance along with evocative music to lead people into the recognition of the mind’s separate realities and to encourage an experience of the mystery of true presence...

(credit to above text goes to Richard Bock who offers these amazing sessions at Harbin Hot Springs, CA with his live QLB Orchestra!)

In private or group sessions Diego Wallraff will choose one of various versions of Jeru’s guidance with music to support the process... 
In addition he will be providing sounds from “live” Tibetan Singing Bowls and majestic PAISTE planetary gongs - and if desired mindful supportive touch...
We will take the time before the breathing to check-in & set intentions - go through a little “user’s manual” to ensure the best experience possible - and afterward for a brief sharing to create a smooth transition back into the beauty of life...

PLEASE BRING: a yoga mat, a pillow, water and if you like a blanket & blindfold!

"The Quantum Light Breath is the most efficient process I have encountered to cleanse the soul and inspire creativity. I highly recommend it as a daily meditation."
Margot Anand, author and teacher of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

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